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A brand new concept in Tourist Information Signs, the first of its kind in the UK

New Tourist Gateway Signs – A Guide

In order to provide a better sense of place, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Transport have worked closely with the traffic sign manufacturing industry to develop new boundary signs that can incorporate photographic images. This is a new and radical change to the traditional sign design process.

Digital Print

Full Colour Photo

Iconic Image

Tourist Gateway Plymouth 1 Tourist Gateway Plymouth 2 Tourist Gateway Plymouth 3

Plymouth City Council's new Tourist Gateway Sign, showing Smeaton's Tower, designed with the Department for Transport's assistance, is the first Tourist Gateway Sign to be formally authorised. It combines the existing, recognisable brown tourist sign element with a full colour photo, digitally printed onto Rennicks Nikkalite® Ultralite retroreflective sheeting.

The Authorisation Process Explained

DfT Approval Procedure

Now the first Plymouth Tourist Gateway Signs have been developed and approved by the DfT, this has opened new opportunities for all of the UK to put themselves on the map.

In order to obtain DfT approval, you must first of all complete an ‘Application for authorisation of non–prescribed traffic signs and special directions (local roads)’.

Plans and drawings are required as well as a checklist which the signing scheme designer must complete and authorise before submitting to the DfT.

The DfT will then review the application and approve as they see fit and then you can start work.

Creating Your Bespoke Sign

Selection of an iconic image, highly recognisable to your area will ensure your visitors take home a lasting memory and encourage them and others to return time after time.

The full colour photo can then be printed onto Nikkalite® Ultralite retroreflective sheeting using the Mutoh Zephyr TS UVIJ digital printer.

Limelight Signs Ltd can provide the expertise and have the specialised equipment in place to ensure you get the quality and visual appearance standards required by the DfT.

Performance Levels

Non-traffic colours digitally printed on the Mutoh Zephyr TS, using NCI UVIJ inks, laminate and white Nikkalite® permanent traffic grade retroreflective sheetings in accordance with NCI recommendations have an expected visual performance life in excess of 5 years.

Traffic colours produced in the same way comply to the requirements for traffic colours in EN 12899-1 for chromaticity, luminance and retroreflectivity and shall be warranted for up to 12 years.

For more information, including the authorisation process, download the full pdf brochure here

Download the DfT Authorisation Application form here

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