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Introducing the Ice Guardian - From Limelight Signs

The Ice Guardian warning sign is a necessity for all companies who want to minimise the risk of ice related accidents on their sites, influencing both pedestrians and drivers to take more care in icy conditions.

Manufactured to military precision, by experienced aerospace engineers, and using some of the most advanced technology available, we believe the Ice Guardian warning sign is the most effective and reliable ice warning sign on the market.

Constantly evaluating the change in temperature, the Ice Guardian warning sign alerts the users of an increased risk of ground ice by flashing super-bright LED's continuously when the temperature drops to 3ÂșC. or below.

Available with fixings for both post and wall mount. No wires, no mess, no fuss.

Image of an Ice Guardian Sign On a Post Flashing

The super-bright LED technology ensures the flash can be seen in peripheral vision, ensuring the Ice Guardian warning sign stands out above all other ice warning signs on the market.

– Ice Guardian on American Style Diamond Sign –

Image of an Ice Guardian Sign on an American Style Yellow Diamond Sign

Having proved itself reliable in the most extreme test conditions the Ice Guardian warning sign gives you the peace of mind that is essential with all health and safety products.

For more detailed information on the Ice Guardian, please click here,
or visit the dedicated Ice Guardian website: http://www.ice-guardian.com
Tel: +44(0)1706 873866 or fill out our contact form for any other enquiries.

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